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Top 3 things to do in Johor Bahru

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Johor Bahru (JB),the capital city of Johor, is often neglected by tourists. But for the
adventurous souls who do stop by southern Malaysia’s largest city, the sights
to see and the experiences to have are ones that they will treasure for a
lifetime. Culture, heritage, poetry, partying and fun—it’s all here at JB.
Legoland: You don’t need tohave kids to visit Legoland. Awaken the child in you as you crawl around, ride
a dragon-coaster and shoot lasers at mummies, while being surrounded by the
Petronas Towers and other landmarks built entirely out of Lego.
Roost Juice &Bar: It’s where the hip crowd hangs out. The café has a very gypsy feelto it, with the décor made of recycled wood, bottles and more. And the food
offered will only leave you asking for more. The fish ’n’ chips and beer combo
will cause you to feel quite British.
Medan SeleraMeldrum Walk: Street food lovers, Johor Bahru won’t disappoint you. The foodstalls in the alley parallet to Jln Meldrum go up in the afternoon and lay out
a mouth-watering fare that covers everything, from ikan bakar to the local and
tourist favorite of laksa. For drinks, why not opt for a Chinese herbal jelly
Arriving at JohorBahru isn’t too much of a trouble. Simply board a bus from Kuala Lumpur,
tickets to which you can take online from REDBUS as well.

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